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Welcome to Meikle Ley Ltd - where aviation history takes flight!

At Meikle Ley Ltd, we're passionate about preserving the rich heritage of aviation through a treasure trove of vintage aircraft parts and curiosities that will transport you back in time.

Aviation enthusiasts, collectors, and history buffs alike will find our shop to be a haven of discovery. Our carefully curated collection boasts an array of vintage aircraft parts, from jet turbines and ejection seats to gauges and circuit breakers, each with its own unique story to tell. These artifacts have witnessed the evolution of flight, bearing witness to the pioneering spirit of aviation pioneers who dared to take to the skies in the early days of aviation.

Whether you're looking to add a unique piece of history to your collection, decorate your space with a touch of aviation mystique, or simply explore the fascinating world of vintage aircraft, Meikle Ley is the place to be.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with expert knowledge, helping you discover the perfect addition to your collection, or assisting you in uncovering the history behind a particular item. We're more than just a shop; we're your partners in the quest to preserve and celebrate aviation's remarkable legacy.

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